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Sunroom Additions for Your Luxury Home

by Rey Wolmers Y Not Me Realty 11/18/2020

Image by Patrick Turban from Pixabay

Sunrooms offer a place where you can enjoy outdoor views and sunlight without actually being outside. Whether you’re avoiding the summer heat or staying warm in winter, you can still get plenty of natural light in a comfortable environment with a sunroom. Since these are different types of sunrooms to choose from, it’s important to become familiar with what each type offers. This can help you determine which sunroom is ideal for your home. 

3 Season Sunrooms

A 3 season sunroom is one that usually doesn’t have any heating or cooling from your home’s HVAC system. This type of sunroom is a suitable option if you live in a warmer climate with a low number of freezing or below freezing days. With this type of sunroom, you can get plenty of use out of it all year round. Keep in mind that you might need to use other means of heating or cooling it if needed, such as with space heaters or oscillating fans. 

4 Season Sunrooms

A 4 season sunroom, also known as an all season sunroom, differs from a 3 season sunroom in terms of heating and cooling. With this kind of sunroom, you can have your home’s HVAC system supply it with cool or warm air as needed. These sunrooms also typically have insulation added for additional comfort. This setup allows you to use your 4 season sunroom all year round without having to worry about whether or not it’s warm or cool enough. 


Solariums are sunrooms that feature all glass, even on the ceiling. These sunrooms typically have straight or curved panes of glass where the walls and roof meet. This type of sunroom is ideal if you want to be able to see all around you, since solariums offer optimal views of your surroundings on all sides. You’ll also be getting more sunlight overall in a solarium with its glass ceiling and full glass walls. 


Conservatories are known for adding a certain historic charm to high-end homes. These luxurious sunrooms typically have segmented roofs with either glass panes or polycarbonate material, giving you the option to add more or less natural light overall depending on your preference. A conservatory is a good option when you want a sunroom with a more vintage or classic look rather than the more modern or contemporary style and appearance that solariums, 3 season sunrooms and 4 season sunrooms offer. 

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